Traditional Dry Needle Veterinary Acupuncture

  This is the acupuncture most people are used to. This is the most common Portland house call pet acupuncture that we provide. Metal needles are inserted into acupuncture points along the meridians and left in for a defined period of time to help heal the body. This applies to both dog acupuncture and cat acupuncture as well.

Laser Acupuncture

    Acupuncture points are stimulated with cold laser rather than acupuncture needles. Some pets cannot stand the placement of needles and laser stimulation works better for them.

Laser therapy

    Cold laser treatment of specific areas of the body to control pain, inflammation or to speed up healing. This can be used in addition to any of the other therapies and is an additional cost.


Herbal Therapy

    Traditional Chinese Herbal Therapy is tailored to the issues your pet is having. Herbal therapies work in conjunction with acupuncture and/or laser therapy to help bring your pet back into balance.

During our initial visit in the Portland region (we provide house call pet acupuncture services and can meet you in your home), we will discuss the therapy that is best for your pet. This is a list of therapies that I can provide to help your pet..

​​​​Dancing Dog Acupuncture, LLC

Electro- Acupuncture

   Metal needles are inserted exactly like for dry needle acupuncture but small electrodes are attached to  

   some of the needles and there is electrical stimulation of the points. This helps to release endorphins

   (the body's natural pain killers) and increase the stimulation at the acupuncture points. Not all pets are

   candidates for this therapy.


    A liquid (usually B12 vitamin or Adequan) is injected into acupuncture points. The liquid is injected with a small

    gauge needle, this provides longer-term stimulation of points, it is also useful for animals that may not be able to stay still for a full acupuncture session.