Meet Kristina Hogg, DVM, CVA, CVCH

Otto, Blue, Monk and Roomba (the namesake who has since passed away)

Goodluck Johnathan and Darwin

About Kristina Hogg

​​​​Dancing Dog Acupuncture, LLC

I have been practicing veterinary medicine since graduation from Veterinary school at Cornell University in 2006. My experience has included interning in a large emergency and referral practice, working in a small animal general clinic and, being the Medical Director of a small non-profit no-kill shelter in New Hampshire, where I currently work part-time. During the 4 years in veterinary school and the years since graduating I have learned many things from my colleagues and patients.

I began to feel that Western medicine did not hold all the answers for complete health care, and I began to feel frustrated that there were some problems for which I had no answer or resolution. It was around this time that I injured one of my own feet and Western diagnostics and treatments did not provide me with any relief. I decided to try acupuncture to relieve my pain. After only three treatments I could already walk on my foot with 95% improvement in my pain control. I was able to hike only a month after starting treatment.

I decided to pursue training in veterinary acupuncture at that time at The Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida. I was hoping to be able to provide the same relief to my own clients and patients. In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine I found the missing medical tool I felt that I needed to provide holistic care to my patients. I firmly believe that the integration of Chinese medicine with Western medicine provides the holistic and compassionate care that I had been seeking to provide.

The name Dancing Dog Acupuncture came from one of my own dogs, Roomba. She is a geriatric, one-eyed, blind, long-haired Chihuahua that was dropped on our doorstep in 2007. She was at least 7 years old when we found her, most likely a puppy mill breeding dog that had outlived her useful years. She is now an old lady who spends most of her time wandering between her many tiny beds; she acquired her name since she navigates the house just like the Roomba vacuum. When Roomba is happy, you know she's excited because she starts to dance. I hope to be able to provide compassionate care so all of our pets can dance!

The rest of my family consists of my husband, Trey, who is a veterinary cardiologist, and our pets Fern, Thom, Prue, Peggy, Darwin a flock of chickens. They are two playful middle-aged chihuahuas, a border collie mix, a pug with ADHD and a rescue tortoise respectively. No cats due to family allergies, but I love seeing other people's cats!

I also love working with shelter animals and in my spare time I volunteer at local shelters.